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Draper, Utah, United States

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Mobility, Communities

A project designed to repurpose an existing site in Utah’s Silicon Slopes to become a multimodal city, forging a new template for advancing urban development. 

Reimagining city living 

Imagine stepping out your front door and having everything you need within a short walk or transit trip. That’s the plan for The Point, where a former prison compound just outside of Salt Lake City will be transformed into a livable, multimodal city that will serve as a model of 21st century urban planning and development. 

7,400 residential units are located in a central area called the Hub District, all within easy reach of schools and places to work, shop, dine, and have fun. This neighborhood of the future is also expected to create 30,000 new jobs, serving as an innovation hub and talent pipeline for the state of Utah. 

Sidara’s specialist mobility practice, TYLin, put together research-based recommendations for bringing this city to life. 

Making mobility work smarter 

An 80-acre pedestrian priority zone encourages residents and visitors to be less dependent on their vehicles, reducing environmental impact while promoting health and well-being. 

There is also an app-enabled transportation system which allows residents to know exactly when the next bus is departing, or even arrange for a bike or electric scooter to be waiting at their destination. Pedestrian walkways facilitate fast and convenient connections to everything in between. 

No one is asking anyone to give up their cars. The idea is that you don’t need to travel by car locally unless you want to. But the plan anticipates residents and visitors will still opt for car travel for some trips, which is why over 40,000 parking spaces are hidden away, under buildings and out of sight. 

Healthier living by design 

We maintained a design focus that encourages a healthier lifestyle, built to facilitate community connection and reduce the need for car commuting. Through our transportation, mobility, and livability studies, we gained a better understanding of the points of friction in people’s daily lives, which allowed us to make every attempt to eliminate them. 

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