Ensuring that travelers have a seamless, enjoyable transition from the moment they leave home to the time they board a flight is more important than ever.

Flights for the future

Travel expands horizons and creates opportunity like nothing else. As we look to the future, a connected and prosperous society increasingly depends on a dynamic aviation industry.

Meanwhile, environmental concerns and technology have also propelled the industry into a new era. Airports are our gateway to the world. Each day, millions of passengers pass through terminals for leisure and business. These large, complex facilities are often the jewel in the crown of the cities they serve and are a major driver of growth. Having spent the last few decades improving security and increasing capacity, the sector is now focusing squarely on the passenger - and ensuring every person who passes through the airport has a memorable, comfortable and engaging experience.

The energy transition, AI and digital innovation have contributed to a world where operators must adapt to constant change. As the world’s leading international design firm in airports, our collaborative has planned, designed, constructed, and innovated at over 300 airports across six continents, from large international hubs to specialized support facilities. Our unrivalled technical knowledge, systems-based thinking and sector experience covers every possible service within the airport environment.

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