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Our global collaborative of specialists elevates how people live, inspires global impact, and makes room for cultures to shine.

Since our journey began over 65 years ago, we have grown both organically and through a series of strategic acquisitions, focusing on companies with exceptional talent and culture, where we can invest and add value.

Together, we have crafted Sidara into the world class group that we are today. We are focused on long-term human and social advancement – dedicated to building a healthier, more equitable world.


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Our Collaborative

We are a collaborative of specialist firms uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive and collective solutions for the world’s biggest, most ambitious, and most critical challenges.



Aviation, Mobility, Communities, Environment, Energy Transition, Water
Dar established and shaped the Sidara Collaborative into the global network of companies that it is today.
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Perkins & Will


Healthcare, Mobility, Communities, Science and Technology
Perkins&Will is an award-winning, research based, inter-disciplinary architecture firm and the only Sidara business devoted exclusively to design.
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Aviation, Mobility, Communities, Environment, Water
TYLin designs infrastructure solutions that connect and elevate communities.
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Currie Brown

Currie & Brown

Community, Healthcare, Science and Technology
Currie & Brown is a world-leading provider of project management, cost management and advisory services.
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Aviation, Mobility, Energy Transition
Penspen designs, maintains, and optimizes energy infrastructure to improve access to sustainable energy for communities worldwide.
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Mobility, Communities
Maffeis Engineering is one of the world’s most specialized structural engineering consultancies.
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Landrum & Brown

Mobility, Aviation

Landrum & Brown is one of the world's oldest and most accomplished aviation planning consultancy firms.

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Aviation, Community, Environment, Mobility, Health, Science and Technology

Introba is one of the world’s largest building engineering and consulting firms.

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Trending Insights

Backbone of the Internet

Decarbonizing the Backbone of the Internet

Research from Sidara shows how we can better design, build and operate data centers to help shape a more sustainable digital age.

Reimagining birthing

Reimagining Birthing: A Patient-Centered Approach

In today's evolving healthcare landscape, a pressing concern emerges from the heart of maternal care in the United States. With a staggering maternal mortality rate of 23.8 per 100,000 pregnancies, which equated to 861 maternal deaths in 2020, the current birthing model in hospitals clearly demands a transformation1.

Tomorrow's smart campuses

The Dawn of Smart Campuses

University campuses are undergoing a revolutionary transformation. Today's institutions are pivoting towards smart campuses, unlocking a plethora of benefits for both themselves and students.

Virtual healthcare for an aging population

Navigating virtual healthcare for an aging population

With populations around the world ageing, the pressure on healthcare providers has never been greater. The need to harness technology to improve the quality and speed of care is essential if we are to improve the lives of people of all ages.


Navigating the Offshore Wind and Green Hydrogen Nexus

The world's energy landscape is rapidly transforming, with offshore wind emerging as the fastest-growing renewable energy source.

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