A world to impact

Our livability, sustainability, and digital solutions help us to create visionary environments where humanity and nature coexist, and where sustainability is at the very heart of the built environment.

Advocating for a more livable world

We believe the built environment should bring people together and improve the quality of life for all. Yet, in today’s world, all too often, those who use our buildings, cities and transport networks can be an afterthought. Our collective of architecture, engineering, and consulting brands shift this paradigm. Wherever we operate in the world, we shape places that unite communities, empower their economies, and inspire a more equitable, seamless and delightful world for all. From designing the largest outdoor arts and cultural experience dedicated to the Black community in LA, to shaping Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University, Saudi Arabia’s first university for women, we’re elevating the way people live, reimagining the intersection of structure and soul.

Elevating sustainability

The planet and its systems are under immense and growing pressure from human activity. Our shared future relies on our collective action. Cultures, communities, and clients are increasingly needing to shape a more sustainable world and lighten our footprint on the planet. Changes to our society are urgent. We need to deliver solutions that reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity and safeguard the place we all call home – at scale. Our network of architecture, engineering, and consulting brands strives to answer this call.

Embracing digital innovation

The physical and digital worlds are merging rapidly. Today, we demand more than ever before of the places and spaces we occupy each day. To keep pace, the built environment must stand ready to embrace data and emerging technologies. We must look to build more quickly, make better decisions, and deploy systems to make our buildings, cities and transportation networks better for all who use them. Our collaborative of architecture, engineering, and consulting companies is at the forefront of this mission, creating harmonized connections between people and place. This starts right in our own home – at our headquarters in London. Here, our specialist companies collaborated to create our very own intelligent hub with smart, intuitive features as part of our future-forward vision. We help clients all over the world to deploy state-of-the-art technologies such as digital twins and advanced analytics. Together, with the help of the brightest, most ambitious consultants in the world, we can harness the power of digital to empower a more connected, seamless experience for all.

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Collaboration is core to our success and we're here to help you find solutions to your most pressing challenges. Together, we can achieve more for our communities, change how people live, and inspire global impact.

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