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Shanghai, China

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A project to increase passenger service and facility performance for one of China’s biggest airports.  

Gateway to China’s financial powerhouse 

Since opening its borders and initiating economic reform in 1978, China has been one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. To support economic development, the country has invested heavily in expanding its aviation infrastructure.  

As one of the world's major financial and economic centers, the city of Shanghai plays a pivotal role in the country's economic growth and is considered the financial capital of China. As a port city, it is also a center for logistics, and Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport is the world's third-busiest airport by cargo traffic.  

Completed in 1999, the airport has quickly grown into the busiest international hub and the third busiest airport in China. To support Pudong airport’s role in this thriving metropolis, Landrum & Brown, Sidara’s aviation specialist, endeavored to create a fully integrated, world-class comprehensive transportation hub that meets the very highest standards of efficiency and performance. 

From runways to passenger experience 

With recent growth fueled by both domestic travel and a rise in tourism, the airport needed to build in some flexibility for future development and capacity. For its present travelers, it also wanted to improve the passenger experience and ensure that the facility would operate smoothly and efficiently.  

Our team performed multiple planning support assignments related to T1 renovations, Phase II and Phase III developments and master plan updates, cargo and operational planning, T2 performance and readiness, as well as design work for the T3 terminal area.  

This work included a critical analysis of what taxiway infrastructure would be needed to best serve future runway layout and flexibility, and an intensive assessment of signage to ensure passengers can make their way around their airport easily, while minimal stress.   

Boosted connectivity 

Advanced transportation infrastructure like Pudong airport is one of the reasons for Shanghai’s success as an international business and trade center, a global tech leader, and its rich blend of cultures from East and West.  

After the completion of the T3 terminal, Pudong Airport will be able to have up to 120 million passengers per year, and will be able to meet the continually growing demand for air travel to and from the third-biggest city in the world. 

More than that, its international travelers will be able to depend on a seamless and enjoyable experience, even if they are far from home.

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