Making an Impact in the Midwest’s Busiest Hub

The expansion project at Terminal 5 of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago was a milestone in airport engineering. TYLin led the design services for landside enhancements, aiming to redefine the travel experience by increasing gate capacity and improving traveler amenities. This ambitious project aimed to strengthen ORD’s position as an aviation hub and enhance operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

An Expansive Undertaking

Covering a 300,000 square foot area, the Terminal 5 extension project showcased engineering and design excellence. The reconfiguration of aircraft parking at existing gates—along with adding contact gates and hardstand positions—posed a challenge that TYLin navigated expertly. Their solutions harmonized with the needs and aesthetic values of the terminal.

TYLin’s work included apron paving, roadway paving, and comprehensively designing the loading dock area. Their electrical utility designs ensured the terminal's power supply while expanding landside communication systems effectively enhanced connectivity and security measures.

The design notably featured 22 passenger boarding bridges, 400Hz gate boxes, Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) units, and the Visual Guidance Docking System (VDGS) elements. These components played a role in improving the terminal's operations to meet the demands of aircraft technology and passenger services. Additionally, enhancements such as apron and roadway lighting, security fencing, a blast fence, fueling stations, and a new Airside Access Security gate were implemented to prioritize safety and security.

Accommodating the Expansion

The expansion project extended the building and aprons and involved redesigning existing taxi lanes while adding new ones. TYLin's scope of work expanded to include constructing 1,500 feet of taxi lane and reconfiguring 1,000 linear feet of existing taxi lane and connectors—a testament to their flexibility and engineering expertise. Converting an existing hold and de-icing pad into two taxiways with three connectors showcased TYLin’s approach to repurposing infrastructure.

Through the reconfiguration of five aircraft parking positions and the expansion of the core TYLin integrated new designs with existing structures. The enhancements ranged from apron paving and utility upgrades to state-of-the-art passenger boarding bridges and lighting systems.

One notable aspect of the project was creating a 7,000-foot 96-inch-diameter storm drain connection, highlighting TYLin's dedication to sustainability and resilience.

A Successful Transformation

The expansion of Terminal 5 at ORD made possible by TYLin’s design services, increased the airport's capacity and enhanced the overall passenger experience. Thanks to engineering and thoughtful design work, TYLin played a role in turning ORD into a more efficient and passenger-friendly airport that is well-equipped to meet the needs of modern travelers and cement Chicago's position on the global aviation stage.

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