One of the world’s busiest and most vibrant airports, Dubai International Airport embodies the dynamic spirit of Dubai, featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure, strategic location, and unmatched connectivity, making it a vital transit hub in global aviation.
For over 23 years, Dar – one of Sidara’s leading building and infrastructure specialists – has undertaken several packages to support the strategic and sustainable growth of Dubai International Airport, from planning and design to project management, supervision of construction, and other consultancy services for high-stakes projects serving the airport.  

 A sustainable strategy for growth

To guide the sustainable growth of the airport and ensure its ability to handle a rapidly growing number of passengers and cargo demand, Dar provided airport planning and design services through a series of plans, beginning with a land-use plan in the year 2000 up until the Dubai International Airport 2020 Expansion Plan. Dar also prepared and reviewed the master plans for the Dubai Airport Free Zone, the Dubai Air Cargo Village – accommodating over 3 million tons of cargo per year – and the airport’s central utility complexes.

Meeting significant passenger demands

With rising demands, the airport has been establishing new terminals, expansions, and concourses that can handle large numbers of passengers, Terminal 3 with a BUA area of 515,000m2 along with Concourses A, B, C, D with built-up areas of 528,000 m2, 670,000 m2, 145,000m2 and 149,600 m2 in addition to Terminal 2 with a BUA area of 60 000 m2 providing a cumulative capacity of over 90 million passengers/year.
Additionally, to safely and efficiently accommodate this large number of passengers, LRT metro stations have been designed, supervised and constructed at Terminals 1 and 3, as well as an Operations and Crisis Centre and a New Maintenance Workshop, leading to designing the expansion of existing Concourse C and Terminal 1. These additions were complemented by upgrades and refurbishments at multiple crucial facilities at the airport, from terminal buildings (multiple areas in Terminal 1, Concourse B and C) to the Control Tower, the Air Cargo Village, utility systems, and vital infrastructure., in addition to an APM connecting T1 to CD and T3 to CA.

Curating experience and opportunity

The Dubai International Airport goes above and beyond, providing state-of-the-art facilities that serve the needs of not only passengers but airliners, investors, international events and more. For instance, the exceptional Dubai Airport Free Zone was developed to facilitate trade and business opportunities that serve to support the country’s economic advancement.

A striking aviation showcase

Dubai International Airport features some of the region’s most striking and cutting-edge aviation facilities. From airshow buildings to international aerospace exhibition spaces, Dubai Airport creates a broad appeal that seamlessly blends innovation, functionality, and a world-class showcase of aviation excellence.
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Dubai International Airport
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Dubai International Airport Expand Image
Dubai International Airport Expand Image
Dubai International Airport Expand Image
Dubai International Airport Expand Image
Dubai International Airport Expand Image
Dubai International Airport Expand Image
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