The New West Gates: Redefining Aviation in Los Angeles

 Spanning five levels, and housing 15 gates across an area of 750,000 feet, the New West Gates at LAX mark a new chapter in California aviation. Situated next to the Tom Bradley International Terminal, the $14.5 billion renovation project doesn’t just enhance the airport’s capacity. It also seamlessly connects it to Los Angeles's comprehensive transportation system and ambitious economic initiatives.

Making a Vision Come to Life

 Central to this transformation was TYLin. Their focus included passenger amenities, baggage handling systems, utility tunnels, and a new taxiway. Their goal? To meet the demands of an airport setting, tackle construction challenges in an earthquake region, and keep pace with the environment of one of America's busiest airports.
TYLin’s aided with the creation of three cut-and-cover tunnels linking the Tom Bradley International Terminal to the West Gates. The highlight of this endeavor is a 921-foot passenger tunnel supported by three-foot columns, providing travelers with a seamless path between arrivals and departures. Underneath the ground, the Utilidor Tunnels stretch out, creating a base for utilities and baggage services such as a baggage handling system.

Navigating the Issues

 This was a project that needed unmatched expertise. When you are building in an area known for its seismic activity, challenges are manifold. TYLin conducted assessments to guarantee the tunnels could withstand earthquakes in Southern California. Their method incorporated aspects from aviation and bridge design underscoring the intricacy of their task even though bridges were not initially part of the plan.
Additionally, TYLin advised on the creation of a north-south taxiway. This effort involved planning to integrate asphalt surfaces, utilities, and security features into LAX's busy airfield without disrupting daily activities. Smoothness was key in this project. And to meet this crucial need, TYLin devised a phased construction strategy to ensure airport operations.

A Successful Partnership

TYLin’s contributions to this project showcase airport design and construction standards. Each step was meticulously planned, from expediting designs to meeting deadlines to conducting analyses. The West Gates were tailored to accommodate aircraft like the Airbus 380-900 and efficiently manage airport operations.
Ultimately, TYLin’s work not only highlights expertise for airport expansion but also reveals foresight in meeting future traveler demands, ensuring Los Angeles remains a key hub for global connections and community development.
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New West Gates at LAX

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