Sidara’s advisory framework brings global expertise to create a world-class vision of sustainability, mobility, and place-making.

Fusing the digital and physical worlds

Our world faces a significant number of challenges and, in many cases, the solutions we need to help solve them are waiting to be recognized and realized. In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and evolving societal needs, the traditional approach to problem-solving is not enough.

To make a genuine impact in the quality of life of a community, we must merge our digital capabilities with innovative thinking. This is not always a straightforward task and, sometimes, the challenge is knowing what could be possible, where to start, and where to aim.

Sidara’s fusion framework is a dynamic, tech-led collaborative process — a platform where leaders from across our companies converge with clients and ecosystem partners to brainstorm fresh solutions for society's most pressing challenges. This methodology integrates the power of data, emerging technologies, and domain expertise to deliver ideas that will transform how we all work, live and play.

Navigating the art of the possible

The City of Santa Monica is set to begin a planning process that will reshape its future – repurposing 227-acres of land where Santa Monica Airport operates. Located in the middle of this beach city, the future of the airport has been hotly debated due to concerns over noise pollution, safety and its proximity to densely populated areas.

While several options have been put forth, we had the opportunity to fully explore other potential visions for the land. Our global team of strategic and digital experts – drawn from across Dar, TYLin, Introba, Landrum & Brown, and Perkins&Will – held a series of provocative discussions, infused with real-time visualizations and imagery from augmented reality technologies to help people see a future full of possibilities.

During the iterative process, the team researched global benchmarks and trends, mapped insights to Santa Monica while proposing ambitious outcomes, and ultimately created a personalized roadmap for its chosen vision.

Lasting innovation and impact

The Fusion framework creates lasting impact by blending perspectives around a proven, multidimensional process. Beyond Santa Monica, fusion allows clients to create future-flexible infrastructure where buildings have the intelligence to enhance their own efficiency; digital twins and data analytics have the power to optimize infrastructure; autonomous systems streamline processes and data collection.

At Sidara, we believe in an increasingly digital future, anticipating new technologies and referencing proven practices will lead to critical breakthroughs – providing both immediate and long-term impact.

Project Details

Santa Monica, California, United States

Our Impact:
Digital, Livability

Our Specialist Brands:
Dar, Introba, Landrum & Brown, Perkins&Will, TYLin


Future Casting Int Airport

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