Setting new standards for passenger satisfaction in a state-of-the-art facility

Major Changes at King Abdul Aziz Airport

There has been a significant transformation in Jeddah at one of the Middle East’s most important transport hubs, King Abdul Aziz Airport (JED). Led by the teams at TYLin and their partner Dar, this project is not just about expansion. It signifies a bold leap into the future of air travel. The objective is ambitious: to boost the airport's capacity to cater to 30 million passengers annually, setting new standards for efficiency, passenger satisfaction, and state-of-the-art facilities that highlight modern engineering and innovative design.

An Impressive Undertaking

This expansive endeavor is divided into two parts, each focusing on enhancing the airport's comprehensive environment. The first part centers on the core operations of the airport—the Terminal Control Tower and its related facilities. Here, TYLin's involvement includes providing design review services for Special Airport Systems (SAS), crucial components that ensure air traffic control systems guide planes safely, information communication technologies (ICT) function seamlessly, and advanced baggage handling systems (BHS) operate smoothly. 

Enhancing JED for the Future

The airport's growth initiative boosts its capabilities by adding aprons, taxiways, roads, tunnels, bridges, and a transportation hub cohesively to aid the movement of passengers through Jeddah's primary gateway to the world. TYLin once again contributed by establishing the technological framework that underpins the dynamic operations of one of the busiest airports in the area.

Central to this endeavor is the new passenger terminal, a pinnacle of design embodying efficiency, comfort, and a seamless fusion of motion and serenity evident in its architectural design. It transcends being just a structure; it is a carefully planned space to enrich all aspects of travelers' experiences. From improved flight information displays to boarding processes and comprehensive security measures, every component is crafted with travelers' ease in mind.

A Collaborative Effort

Integrating cutting-edge navigation and communication technologies underscores the emphasis on safety and efficient operation. The project's vision materializes through the built air traffic control tower and communication center that protect the skies, ensuring each aircraft's secure and precise journey. This venture was more than a test of design; it exemplified the significance of collaborative effort within strict timelines that demanded nothing but excellence.

The outcome showcases the teamwork among TYLin, Dar, and a team of people who turned this vision into a reality. The growth of King Abdul Aziz Airport goes beyond just its physical expansion; it symbolizes a boost in its significance, ready to welcome the globe with outstanding service and establishing a fresh benchmark for airport encounters. Jeddah is now not only ready to welcome guests from all corners of the world but also to offer them an arrival that mirrors the city's warmth, creativity, and dedication to 
Project Details

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Our Impact:
Livability, Digital Solutions

Our Specialist Brands:
TYLin, Dar


Jeddah Expansion Airport
Jeddah Airport ExpansionExpand Image
Jeddah Airport ExpansionExpand Image
Jeddah Airport ExpansionExpand Image

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