With its coral reefs and clear waters, Sharm El-Sheikh is Egypt’s most famous resort and one of the world’s most attractive destinations for marine lovers and divers, attracting visitors from all corners of the globe. To facilitate greater growth within Sharm El-Sheikh and boost the tourism and service industries in the surrounding region, the Egyptian government launched a massive renovation and expansion venture to upgrade the Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport. [No text in field]

A new airport terminal for Egypt’s most famous resort

To support the expansion of this gateway to Egypt’s Red Sea and Sinai, Dar–Sidara’s leading building and infrastructure specialist – designed and supervised the construction of a new 43,000 m2 terminal. With high ceilings and open vast spaces, the terminal features a tent-like structure inspired by indigenous Bedouin culture and the rugged mountains and landscapes surrounding the airport.

The terminal caters to tourists, with attractive duty-free and shopping zones as well as food lounges. With a capacity to handle 2,500 passengers every hour at peak demand, the terminal makes excellent use of 40 check-in counters and seven gates, as well as arrival and departure halls.

Accelerated connections

Outside the terminal, a specifically designed vehicular road network facilitates effective and seamless connections from the airport, eased along by dedicated parking spaces for 250 cars and 100 buses, positioned to cater for groups of tourists and travelers.

Resilient, adaptable infrastructure

To support and facilitate operations at the airport, Dar designed a network of infrastructure systems. Alongside water supply and firefighting systems, the terminal’s infrastructure included a dedicated sewage treatment plant, a connected landscape irrigation system, and extensive stormwater drainage infrastructure to safeguard the airport against storms and floods.

With the new terminal, Sharm El-Sheikh was better positioned to attract ever greater numbers of tourists, energizing the local economy, creating job opportunities, and empowering more people to enjoy the region’s exceptional shores and marvel at its natural heritage.

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Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

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