Together we are Sidara

Sidara is where world-class brands collaborate on quality, innovation, reliability and delivery while client relationships thrive.

Our journey has been a blend of organic expansion and carefully chosen partnerships. Our approach is simple: we invest in our brands, to enhance value and expand opportunities, while staying close to the deep purpose that the original founders built.

Together, we have worked on some of the most iconic and impactful projects across the globe, driven by our commitment to sustainability and digital solutions.



Dar established and shaped the Sidara Collaborative into the global network of companies that it is today.

Perkins & Will


Perkins&Will is an award-winning, research based, inter-disciplinary architecture firm and the only Sidara business devoted exclusively to design.



TYLin designs infrastructure solutions that connect and elevate communities.

Currie & Brown

Currie & Brown

Currie & Brown is a world-leading provider of project management, cost management and advisory services.



Penspen designs, maintains, and optimizes energy infrastructure to improve access to sustainable energy for communities worldwide.



Maffeis Engineering is one of the world’s most specialized structural engineering consultancies.


Landrum & Brown

Landrum & Brown is one of the world’s oldest and most accomplished aviation planning consultancy firms.

Doha Hamad


Introba is one of the world’s largest building engineering and consulting firms. Committed to reshaping the world, their problem solvers combine cutting-edge digital solutions with emerging innovations and industry-leading sustainability strategies to transform the built environment.

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Collaboration is core to our success and we're here to help you find solutions to your most pressing challenges. Together, we can achieve more for our communities, change how people live, and inspire global impact.