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London, United Kingdom

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Perkins&Will, Dar, Introba, Currie & Brown, Maffeis



A project designed to connect all of Sidara’s specialist firms under one very smart roof, with a new regional headquarters located in the heart of London.

A home built for human endeavor

More than just an office building, 150 Holborn is the new home for Sidara. For the first time ever, all of our brands are housed under one roof, together with our executive leadership team.

This effort required the unique insights and skills of Sidara’s specialist firms, a collaboration that unleashed the full potential for our talent — working side by side to create a truly spectacular home to showcase of our capabilities. Sidara is proud to be owner, designer, operator and occupier of one of the smartest buildings in London.

Space to innovate

Gone is the outdated 1980s office block. In its place is a bespoke center of innovation to house our people, welcome our clients and visitors, and continue to push boundaries.

Facilitating interaction and collaboration across our brands was the primary design objective, resulting in a people centric state-of-the-art workplace to house over 1,000 of our people. The design incorporates retail, a café, and exhibition space alongside our own corporate offices.

A statement staircase in the atrium features prominently in the design. Rather being hidden away, it promotes face-to-face interactions and impromptu discussions between our people, who can also relax in a roof-top pavilion, surrounded by a beautifully landscaped roof garden with uninterrupted views of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

A smarter building for smarter working

Supporting the collective intellect of our employees, we wanted to create one of the smartest buildings in London. A network of smart technologies and sensors creates an intelligent infrastructure to build upon, layering different technologies on top of one another in order to push the boundaries of intelligent building management and personal wellbeing.

Lights turn themselves on and off as needed, room booking of meeting and conference rooms enables temperature and air quality to be set in anticipation of the next meeting, and all of it feels absolutely seamless and energy efficient through the integrated smart building program. An app is available for all building users and visitors.

The result is a rich data set that yields valuable insights about how, where, and when we work. This, in turn, allows for ongoing real-time optimization of temperature, lighting, airflow, and myriad of other operational variables to support people centric operational efficiency.

For example, the data revealed employees weren’t visiting the top floor dining area on certain days or during inclement weather, or utilization meeting rooms and peak times, visitor experience all of which allows us to use real time data to plan and optimize.

The next stage of technological enablement will be in the form of a digital twin, which we are currently developing to improve the building’s performance even further.

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