A new administrative capital to secure long-term sustainable growth and the well-being of Egyptian families.

Building an intelligent city from the ground up

The population of Greater Cairo has doubled within the past few decades. Overcrowding has stretched the city’s urban infrastructure systems such as water, sanitation, power and waste, and strained access to public services such as healthcare and education.

The city’s road network is also severely congested, a challenge that is exacerbated by a limited public transportation system. These, in turn, present environmental challenges and have negative impacts on public health and quality of life.

To alleviate the impacts of increasing densification, two of Sidara's leading global design specialists, Dar and Perkins & Will, are working with the Government of Egypt to build a brand-new city.

It will be Egypt’s new administrative capital and will feature state-of-the-art smart systems and advanced urban planning concepts. It will also be capable of housing an estimated population of 6.5 million people by 2050. Our teams prepared a masterplan for the Capital Park development corridor and detailed architectural and engineering design planning for the Central Business District. The corridor will be the commercial backbone of the new capital, and the CBD is one of three distinctive commercial zones within it.

Using technology to unlock a better standard of living 

This new city is an opportunity to create a highly interconnected and intelligent urban environment which enhances efficiency, safety, security, and livability for its inhabitants, and delivers a higher quality of life for future generations.

Sustainable technologies will underpin the new city’s design. Its urban infrastructure systems will create an autonomous and self-reliant district that will set a new international standard in ‘smart city’ design. CBD East will be the first phase of construction, and will feature green building design, resource management, and renewable energy, as well as research and innovation hubs that will continually invest in future technologies.

Thriving connections via smart urban districts and seamless transportation systems

The New Administrative Capital will have 21 new residential districts, each with a range of accommodation types – opening accessibility to young professionals who are increasingly priced out of the Cairo housing market. Community facilities and sustainable landscapes will anchor civic spaces, bringing people together and promoting healthy urban lifestyles.

Districts will also feature contemporary business environments, focused on attracting investment and generating over 2 million synergistic job opportunities for all income-levels and cultures, particularly the country’s growing youth population.

Across the city, smart infrastructure and transportation systems will whisk thousands of commuters visiting the New Administrative Capital to their destinations, through integrated inter-city monorail, light rail, tram, and electric bus networks.

Project Details

Cairo, Egypt

Our Impact:
Livability, Sustainability

Our Specialist Brands:
Dar, Perkins&Will


egypts new administrative capital
Egypt's new administrativeExpand Image
Egypt's new administrativeExpand Image
Egypt's new administrativeExpand Image
Egypt’s New Administrative Capital Expand Image
Egypt’s New Administrative Capital Expand Image

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