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Delivering a program of better health for a community

Healthcare is one of the greatest priorities of any government. With our populations changing and requirements around medical treatments and technology continuing to evolve, the need to consistently upgrade and develop healthcare infrastructure is vital.

To meet this challenge, the British government has committed to building 40 new hospitals by 2030. The goal is to replace outdated infrastructure with modern, digitally enabled, net zero carbon, and sustainable buildings to provide world-class healthcare services and facilities for patients, staff and local communities.

Currie & Brown, Sidara’s leading project management specialist, is working in partnership with James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The aim is to build a new hospital on land adjacent to the existing site, creating a major new facility equipped with the latest technology that offers the very best in patient and staff experience.

The team worked with the trust to produce the strategic outline case, setting an ambitious but achievable program plan, supported by capital and revenue cost requirements to ensure the new hospital is delivered on budget.

System-wide transformation

To ensure the construction program meets the specific clinical and other requirements, as well as providing the world-class facility the community deserves, the team at Currie & Brown developed a system-wide framework. This framework was designed to oversees the entire transformation and change projects that support the development of the new hospital.

The programmatic approach ensures the effective delivery of the hospital itself and best value for money for the UK taxpayer. Most crucially, it also looks to make sure that the hospital fulfills the need to improve health outcomes locally and plays a key role in community and family life, while creating as minimal impact on the environment.

Putting patients first

One of the primary goals of James Paget University Hospitals is to create a facility with the patient and practitioner at the center. A fully inclusive facility is not just about bricks and mortar, it must be digitally enabled with modern adaptable infrastructure that can both aid the recovery of patients and help clinicians deliver the very best in care.

In working as part of the trust’s Future Paget team, Currie & Brown’s system-wide framework looked to ensure that once the hospital is up and running, waiting times are reduced, the number of operations cancelled is minimized, and virtual clinics and wards effectively promote care at home, in the community or remotely.

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